Awards & Honors



Several award winner, Frequent speaker in world conferences, Persian language teacher education in Iran and abroad, Distinguished Researcher of the year

awards list

2023 - Appreciation of knowledge enhancement course on Iranian studies for Georgian students

2004- Scholarship, Granted by Shahid Beheshti University, MSRT

2005- Invited Speaker at Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

2005- Honorary Speaker at the Institute for Persian Studies. University of Maryland,USA

2004-2005, Visiting Researcher at University of Konstanz, Germany

2021- Appreciation of the Minister of Education

2007- Superior Colleague in Order and Accuracy at Work, Deputy of Information Technology, SBU

2022- A review on the researches

2013-2017- Head of the Department of Linguistics, SBU

2017- Book of the Year of Gazvin Province

2001- Selection of the Book TeachingPersian to UrduSpeakers as the Best Student Book of the Year

2022- Honorary Speaker of TPSOL Conference- Qazvin University

2014-Appreciation of the Supervision of Iran OpenCourceWare Educational Committee-MSRT

2013- Appreciation of authoring book “Optimalitic Analysis of Declarative Sentences in Saravi,SBU

2013- Appreciation of book “Typological Study of WordOrder in Athenian Dialect of Saravi”, SBU

2014- Appreciation of book translation “Mood, Aspect and Negation in Persian”, SBU

2008- Appreciation of the Joint SBU-MIT OCW Project, SBU

2018- Appreciation for authoring the educational Book series of “PARFA”, SBU

2011- Distinguished Researcher of the year. Shahid Beheshti University

2017- Distinguished Researcher of the year. Shahid Beheshti University

2000- Cultural Research of the Year- Teaching Persian to Urdu Speakers

2013- Promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor, SBU

2009-Appreciation of authoring Book DCM in Hindi/Urdu, Pashto and Balochi, SBU

2018- Honorary Speaker, Deccan College, Pune, India

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